The delicate veins of a leaf; the incredible symmetry of a snowflake; the golden ratio in every conch shell… Nature is a veritable treasure trove of design brilliance. But it is also imperfect, impermanent; and that contributes significantly to its beauty.


At Spaces, Things, Etcetera, we embody this inspiration that nature offers, in all that we do. Hence, our design philosophy is rooted in an appreciation of the ingenuous integrity of natural objects and processes.

Our brand identity, too, symbolises this thought: We believe that the real beauty of every space lies in its inherent characteristics, and it is our endeavour to use spatial design to create an avenue conducive for this expression, while keeping it contextually relevant.

Spaces Things Etcetera is a multi-disciplinary design studio based out of Pune, India. We believe in design that is modern yet organic, and functional yet artistic.  Employing a combination of anthropologically relevant aesthetic influences and contemporary materials and techniques – especially fibres – we combine various aspects of spatial design, for applications like space-creation, space-definition and functional elements & art.

Our services include:

  • Spatial Design

  • Installation Art

  • Art Lighting

  • Fibre Art

  • Furniture 

Vaidehi Thakkar


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