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Converging and harmonizing interior spaces with natural materials, we create experiences to form a new aesthetic that celebrates the organic spirit of nature.


Transforming prosaic fruits and vegetables into surfaces, we craft objects for bespoke interior applications.



Spaces, Things Etcetera is an award-winning multidisciplinary design studio that specializes in creating customized interior environments, and furniture and lighting objects. Founded in 2011 by Pune-based Vaidehi Lilladhar Thakkar, the practice believes in design that is modern yet organic, and functional yet artistic.


The studio’s design language draws inspiration from nature: its paradoxically multi-layered intricacy, its colors, forms, textures, and patterns.  The core of the practice endeavors to help clients connect a bit more closely with nature, allow it to mingle with their personal space and create sensory experiences that blur the boundaries between design, art and craft. At Spaces, Things, Etcetera, this inspiration that nature offers is embodied and manifested all that we do. Hence, the design philosophy is rooted in an appreciation of the ingenuous integrity of natural materials and processes. 


Vaidehi Lilladhar Thakkar has also been particularly fascinated by humble fruits and vegetables as a source of inspiration. Engaging with them, she has created a papyrus-like material called ‘Fiber Flats’ that come as a rich and exhaustive collection of textures and patterns. Exploring this material and investigating myriad ways of introducing it within interior spaces as an anomalous way of connecting with nature led to a body of work ranging from wall tiles, furniture and lighting elements.


Spaces, Things Etcetera has collaborated internationally and
has showcased at The Mint Gallery London, the prestigious London Design Festival and Ann Sacks stores across the US, and Vaidehi Lilladhar Thakkar is also the recipient of Trends Excellence Awards 2019, Indian Institute of Interior Designers (IIID) Awards 2019.


  • Spatial Design

  • Installation Art

  • Art Lighting

  • Fibre Art

  • Furniture 


We believe that each space is an entity, with an identity of its own and lends itself to unique expression. This is the one fact that stays with us throughout the creative journey, and it is with this belief that we design each individual space. Employing a combination of traditional and contemporary materials and techniques, we strive to create a language that architecture, interiors, furniture, graphics, and art. And since nature is our constant and greatest inspiration, it drives every aspect of our design, in an attempt to create a singular sensory experience. 


All of us would have, at some point in time, come across the delicate lattices of a Peepal leaf left to age between the pages of a book, and marveled at nature's creation. When observed closely, all florae have such intricate allure. This was the inspiration behind the creation of 'Fibre Flats' surfaces. our most recognizable line of products. Painstakingly hand-crafted using slices of fruits and vegetables that are at times, just 90 microns thick, 'Fiber Flats' effectively showcase the mesmerizing designs inherently present in nature, even in their final form.

With over forty varied textures to choose from, these exquisite pieces find application in a variety of different interior products including furniture, lighting elements, screens and wall art.


Each space extends itself to a unique expression.
Hence, the objects we design for it assume the mantle of spatial applications, each with its own correlation to the
space it occupies. These are what define the dimensional forms of spaces. 

Be it fiber art, paper mâché, cloth, wood, or the variety of other materials we use, their primary purpose remains to be an extension of the space they occupy. But unlike static objects, their expression varies with time. This, we believe, can be attributed to the representations and symbolism of nature in culture, from which we draw our inspiration.  


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