The delicate veins of a leaf; the incredible symmetry of a snowflake; the golden ratio in every conch shell… Nature is a veritable treasure trove of design brilliance. But it is also imperfect, impermanent; and that contributes significantly to its beauty.


Our design language draws inspiration from our deepest respect for nature in its intrinsic form: its paradoxically multi-layered intricacy, its colours, forms, textures, and patterns.It is our endeavour to help everyone connect a bit more closely to nature, allow it to mingle with their personal space and create sensory experiences that blur the boundaries between design, art and craft.Hence, our design philosophy is rooted in an appreciation of the ingenuous integrity of natural objects and processes.



Spaces, Things, Etcetera is a multi-disciplinary design studio based out of Pune, India. Founded in 2011 by Vaidehi Lilladhar Thakkar, we believe in design that is modern yet organic, functional yet artistic.Employing a combination of aesthetic influences and contemporary materials and techniques – especially fibres – we combine art with various aspects of spatial design,for applications like space-creation, space-definition, functional elements and art.


After graduating from from CEPT University in Ahmedabad, Vaidehi Lilladhar Thakkar moved to the US where she worked at the Akron Art Museum. Her stint there along with working at an architecture firm, opened her up to the world of fibers and encouraged her to study fiber art.Upon return to India she established her own studio and practice.The practice aims to bridge the world of fibers and spaces. Their work has been retailed at Ann Sacks stores in the US, and has also been exhibited at the London Design Festival.

Our services include:

  • Spatial Design

  • Installation Art

  • Art Lighting

  • Fibre Art

  • Furniture 

Vaidehi Thakkar


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